How to pick meaningful souvenirs from your travels

How to pick meaningful souvenirs OR getting coffee mugs from Norwegians

When I was a kid, I was pretty addicted to bringing back cool souvenirs from any new countries I visited. I've still got quite a few of them, and now that I'm living somewhere for longer than a year or two, I've got them sitting on shelves above my desk so I can enjoy them when I'm working. But … [Read More...]

An airline lost my luggage ...

Am I sad that an airline lost my luggage? Hell yes!

I am (usually) the kind of person who does not dwell on the negative. Life is too short, right? And every cloud, silver lining, blah blah blah. (And in most cases that stuff is actually true.) That's why it has taken me six months to blog about the fact that Tiger Airways (the Singapore-based … [Read More...]

8 things I learnt from staying in a penang resort feature

8 things I learnt from staying in a Penang resort hotel for two weeks

I am not known as the kind of traveller who stays in a resort hotel. In fact, I've only ever bought a "resort package" style holiday once, on a last-minute trip to Egypt just after I'd arrived in … [Read More...]

Feeding a giraffe at Perth Zoo, Western Australia

Feeding giraffes at Perth Zoo: Like travelling in your hometown

A couple of months ago I took my son to Perth Zoo on his fourth birthday for a bit of a treat. The funny thing was, this treat turned into a special experience for me too, with that same thrill I get … [Read More...]

Teaching kids to love travel (via food!)

Encouraging kids to travel through a love of food

One of the best ways to encourage a love of travel, I reckon, is through the stomach. (It's not just the way to a man's heart.) My son has had a lifelong desire to go to Japan and that is definitely … [Read More...]

The beautiful Church on Spilled Blood in Yekaterinburg

Don’t listen to tour guides: Enjoying Yekaterinburg, Russia

When I was on my Trans-Siberian trip across Russia (if you're contemplating it - DO IT!), I stopped off at half a dozen spots along the route, turning the week-long train journey into a three … [Read More...]

Not A Ballerina blog celebrates its 9th birthday

Should you travel? Of course! Learning from nine years of Not A Ballerina

Think back nine years. In other words, cast your mind back to the faraway year of 2005. Where were you and what were you doing? Nine years ago in Germany ... I know exactly what I was doing on this … [Read More...]

Meeting goat in Lithuania - Not A Ballerina

Animal travels: It’s funny what you see walking down the road …

My endless folders of photos from my trips show up a common theme: I love meeting animals on my travels! Perhaps it's a variation on meeting the locals. After my recent heavy post on the Auschwitz and … [Read More...]


Why I’m glad I visited the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps

A decade ago, I was happily travelling down through Poland when I stopped at Krakow for a few days, and somehow decided to visit the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps nearby. I hadn't … [Read More...]