Adventurous plans for Iceland

My adventurous plans for Iceland: Starting the itinerary ideas

Now that I've booked the flights to Europe to use some of the frequent flyer points I won at Problogger, I get to go into my very favourite mode: more detailed travel planning. Given that a totally new country to me, Iceland, is on the agenda, then that involves a lot of fun and fascinating … [Read More...]

German books for babies - encouraging bilingual kids

German books for babies: Our favourite children’s books auf deutsch for age zero and one

When my son was born and my German husband and I decided we wanted him to be bilingual, one of my first steps was trying to get hold of some great German-language children's books. My goal was basically that more than half the books in his book shelf should be German - even when he was a baby! … [Read More...]

Agness suffered reverse culture shock after returning to Poland from China

Reverse culture shock returning from China to Poland: Agness’ story

The next lovely lady in my series on reverse culture shock is Agness. Like Agata who moved to Italy, Agness is also originally Polish, and she spent a couple of years teaching in China and another … [Read More...]

Saying goodbye to a country

Saying goodbye to a country is hard – I know, I’ve done it three times

I am NOT a good goodbye person. I'm way overly sentimental, I'm all too acutely aware that once you say goodbye to a place you've lived in that even visiting will never be the same again, and I miss … [Read More...]

Abingdon Miniature Village in Mandurah, Western Australia

Abingdon Miniature Village, Mandurah: Kids choosing the destination in Western Australia

I have a theory about encouraging kids to love travel and if you let kids choose the destination - or at least make lots of choices as part of a bigger trip - then they will be a lot more inclined to … [Read More...]

Discovering nature in Hong Kong: Islands, mountains, beaches and hiking trails

Beyond the skyscrapers: Nature in Hong Kong

I have long been yearning to return to Hong Kong, for many reasons, but the most important one is that it's the very first foreign country I ever visited - and that's getting close to thirty years … [Read More...]

Visiting Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Should you visit Rottnest Island for a day trip or overnight? No contest!

I'm very lucky to live near Rottnest Island - just a short ferry ride away from my hometown of Perth. I'm sure I'm lucky, because when my German husband first moved here he couldn't believe we had … [Read More...]

5 reasons to take your child to Penang

5 reasons Penang is a great place to take a three-year-old child

My destination choice since I had my son has been a lot more conservative than when I was travelling in my twenties and childless thirties. Pre-child, my strategy was pretty much only to avoid war … [Read More...]

Reverse culture shock after study abroad

Reverse culture shock after study abroad: Jessie on returning from Australia

The next post in my occasional interview series with fellow travellers who've experienced reverse culture shock features a blogger I've known online for a few years now, and the thing that really … [Read More...]